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Your ability to be happy and successful, and your ability to have freedom and independence, depends on your ability to forgive. This is because the ability to forgive has a powerful affect on your attitude to yourself (and what you feel you deserve) and your attitude to others (and whether envy is causing you to block your prosperity).

If, for example, someone had made a mistake in the past with money - maybe they did not spend it well – this can cause them to feel that they don’t deserve to have much money. They could then tend to go for jobs with less pay, or won’t even consider opportunities to earn better.

This is true of any aspect of in life whether its money or success and abundance of any kind – if you don’t feel you deserve it you will keep it away from you. This not only harms you; it also harms the people around you – because when you feel you don’t deserve something you stop yourself from having it – so this means that you have less to share with those you care about. Download for Free Four Steps to Forgiveness.

Taking time to learn to forgive yourself – and practising doing so - is one of the most generous and unselfish things you can do. This is because this will allow you to become free of the past so that you have more of the good things of life – then you will also have more of the good things in life to share. Whether it is money, love, success, prosperity or whatever, learning to Forgive yourself will help you become more happy and successful in all aspects of your life. Self Forgiveness allows you to be a more giving person.

Another way forgiveness helps your ability to create more prosperity and abundance in your life is when you use it to forgive others - especially if you resent them for what they have. If you resent someone who has more than you – and decide that they only achieved success by being ‘bad’, ‘greedy’, or ‘corrupt’ – then you will not let yourself succeed because you will not want to think of yourself as ‘bad’, ‘greedy’, or ‘corrupt’. Yes, some people do succeed by bad and selfish methods; yet also many people succeed by being good, honest and generous and managing to find a product or service that other people want to pay for. Download Four Steps to Forgiveness.

Nobody creates success on their own and the people best placed to help you succeed are the people who already have more than you. If you resent them your bad attitude will keep them away. Instead you can learn for forgive yourself and forgive others quickly and easily using the free ebook: The Four Steps to Forgiveness. Don’t let resentment, envy or the mistakes of the past block your happiness and success in the present.

The Four Steps to Forgiveness is completely free (and you don’t even need to give an email address). Download it now using one of the links on this page.

Written by: William Fergus Martin

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Four Steps to Forgiveness

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Four Steps to Forgiveness

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William Fergus Martin

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